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This page was updated June 25

Conservation Area Beaches - Water Testing

Please see the following links below for up to date water testing results for HCA beaches.

City of Hamilton Beach testing - Christie Lake, Confederation Park and Valens Lake beaches

Beach Water Testing Niagara Region - Fifty Point beach

Dofasco Trail

The Dofasco 2000 Trail will be closed from June 1 until September.  The trail is closed due to hazard trees, which pose a risk to trail users’ safety.
Due to the presence of species protected under the Migratory Birds Convention Act, there are restrictions on removing the trees that will not be lifted until the end of July.  Tree removal will be carried out in August with the trail reopening in September.  
HCA will carry out trail maintenance and repairs to the boardwalk in the same time period.
Information will be posted on when the trail is reopened to the public.
The concession at the Trail Centre will be closed on June 25.  It will reopen on June 26.  The building and washroom facilities will still be open to the public. Membership passes and refreshments will not be available for purchase during the closure.

General notices:

Visitors to all of our Conservation Areas, Confederation Park , Wild Waterworks and Westfield, should always remember not to leave valuables in their vehicles. HCA experiences very few break-ins to vehicles but we would like to remind all of our customers that break ins can occur while vehicles are left unattended.  Purses and articles that include identification, car keys and home keys should not be left in vehicles no matter where you park your vehicle.

Dofasco Trail

Membership passes and refreshments will not be available for purchase during the closure.

HCA Beaches

  • Christie Lake Beach:
  • Confederation Park Beach:
  • Fifty Point Beach:
  • Valens Lake Beach:


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