Visitor Alerts

This page was updated January 19

Be cautious on all HCA trails.  Recent wet conditions have created lots of ice, so be careful!

Christie Lake

Please be cautious on trails at Christie Lake.  Trails are icy due to the recent rain.

Dundas Valley

Please be cautious on trails in the Dundas Valley and Tiffany Falls, including the Rail Trail.  Trails are very icy and not recommended for use.  

The Stacey Meadow Pond is currently UNSAFE for skating.  Ice is 4" thick, so unsafe for use.

Please note the changes to the Dundas Valley Trail Centre Off Season Operating Hours.

These hours now in effect:

Monday & Tuesday: CLOSED
Wednesday to Friday 8:30 AM to 3 PM
Saturday and Sunday 8:30 AM to 4 PM

Fifty Point

Ice fishing is now open and ice skating is now available on the pond at Fifty Point.

General notices:

Visitors to all of our Conservation Areas, Confederation Park , Wild Waterworks and Westfield, should always remember not to leave valuables in their vehicles. HCA experiences very few break-ins to vehicles but we would like to remind all of our customers that break ins can occur while vehicles are left unattended.  Purses and articles that include identification, car keys and home keys should not be left in vehicles no matter where you park your vehicle.