Visitor Alerts

This page was updated April 16, 2014

General notices:

All trails in all areas are to be used with caution. Most trails have trees across them and more branches may continue to fall. Avoid all trails if there is any wind. Trails are icy. Icy sections may be hidden with snow.  Ice grippers are recommended for trail users. Please use the utmost caution in your travels

Visitors to all of our Conservation Areas, Confederation Park , Wild Waterworks and Westfield, should always remember not to leave valuables in their vehicles. HCA experiences very few break-ins to vehicles but we would like to remind all of our customers that break ins can occur while vehicles are left unattended.  Purses and articles that include identification, car keys and home keys should not be left in vehicles no matter where you park your vehicle.

Christie Lake

Phone lines are currently down at Christie Lake. The outage will be until further notice. 

Visitors should be advised that construction is taking place at Pond 1, located to the left of the main entrance road.  Construction equipment will be present in the area, on the road and in the adjacent parking lot.  The road leading to the Marina Pavilion will be reopened Sunday April 13, but vehicles should br cautious in the area due to the construction and the poor road conditions.  Please use extreme caution if walking through this area, and stay well back from the pond, construction equipment and all work areas.

Dundas Valley

The boardwalk on the Headwaters Trail south of Sulphur Springs Road is closed to horses until repairs can be made.  Equestrians are advised to take the Lookout Trail around this section of the Headwaters Trail.

Dofasco Trail

The boardwalk section of the Dofasco 2000 Trail is closed due to hazard trees.  Click here for more information and closure map.

Fifty Point

Fifty Point is now closed for ice fishing and skating.

Valens Lake

Ice Fishing is now closed at Valens Lake Conservation Area.  Due to the upcoming warmer weather, a growing open water hazard near the island and the upcoming fishing closure, ice fishing is now closed for the 2013-2014 season.  Valens Lake will be closed to all fishing starting April 1st for Bass Sanctuary Status, reopening on Saturday, June 28th, 2014

Tews Falls

The stairway between Tews Falls and Webster's Falls will be closed from April 20 to April 29 for construction.

Webster's Falls

  1. The stairway at Webster's Falls is now closed to the public. Click here for more information on the master plan for the area.
  2. Please note, no barbeques, fires or sound equipment is permitted at Spencer Gorge/Webster's Falls.

Parking and Use Restrictions – Spencer Gorge/ Webster’s Falls Conservation Area

On weekends and holidays parking will be restricted at the Webster’s Falls parking lot. Overflow traffic will be directed to the Tews Falls area and other parking areas.

Traffic on weekends can traditionally bring large crowds to Webster’s Falls and the volume of traffic can exceed the capacity of neighbouring roads and the parking lots at Webster’s Falls. Please observe “Parking Lot Full” signs.

Visitors are encouraged to visit the nearby Christie Lake or the Dundas Valley Conservation Areas for family picnics and hiking. These areas have far greater capacity and both have modern conveniences and washrooms.

Fencing has been placed to direct visitors from gaining access to the tops of the waterfalls. All visitors are asked to stay away from the escarpment brow, the tops of waterfalls and refrain from entering the water.