Business Feedback Survey
Please take a moment to complete this survey. We would like to know how successful our recent work for you was, and if there is anything we could do differently next time to improve our service.
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Should public access to the lower gorge be permanently closed?

Issue #1: The existing stairs are narrow and of various materials-steel,stone, wood, concrete with 2 sided handrails at the top. The lower stone 'steps' are uneven, and narrow with railing on only one side. The stones can become slippery when icy or wet. The stairs are currently closed.>Issue #2: Activity in the lower gorge includes scrambling up the embankments,'walking behind the waterfalls' and hiking into the gorge along the unofficial trail, resulting in environmental degradation and safety concerns.

Please note: re-opening the existing stairs, and restricting access to weekdays or off season times is not an option for the long term, due to the condition of these stairs which is not suitable for continued use by the public.

Option #B - access to the lower gorge be permanently closed, with the removal of the existing stairs to protect the environment in the lower gorge.

Question: Should access to the lower gorge be provided in the future with a new set of stairs?

Option #C - To provide a safe access to the lower gorge for viewing Webster's Fall a new stair is recommended.

Do you prefer Option 'B', which includes maximizing on-site parking?

Parking, Vehicular Access and Emergency Services Access

Issue #1: Existing parking demand exceeds available on-site capacity

Issue #2: Lack of on-site parking, combined with lack of parking restrictions along local roads, results in high volume of on-street parking.

Issue #3: High volume of on-street parking and pedestrian traffic results in traffic congestion and safety concerns along local roads.

Issue #4: Need for improved Emergency Service Access to Webster's Falls.

Option #B - Maximize on-site parking by continuing to utilize open lawn areas for overflow parking. Minor improvements to existing parking facilities in attempts to improve vehicular movement and circulation. High volume of on-street parking will continue due to lack of on-site parking facilities and will result in continued vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

Please Note: Short term (2hr) parking will not reduce the amount of vehicular traffic on local roads. Traffic congestion will continue.

Do you support Option C , the 'shuttle option' including parking restrictions to be enforced on residential streets?

Option #C - Closure of on-site parking lots during peak season weekends and holidays while providing shuttle service from Christie Lake. Implementation of parking prohibitions within local residential neighbourhoods to discourage long-term parking. This option reduces traffic congestion, reduces pedestrian traffic, provides improved access for Emergency Services and provides control of number of visitors to the site.

Would you like to see visitors being allowed to have BBQ's and have use of the Fireplace?

BBQ and Fireplace

Issue #1: The BBQ's create smoke and smell

Issue #2: The Fireplace rely's on individuals to manage their open fires

Issue #3: BBQ's are part of the traditional familty picnic destination. Families picnics now include larger groups

Option #B - BBQ and Fireplace use to be allowed

Would you like to see BBQ's banned from the Conservation Area, and the Fireplace removed?

Option #C- BBQ and Fireplace use not to be allowed

Do you have any additional comments?