Classroom Grow Green Project

Welcome to the Grow Green Project!

21 grade 3 classes across Hamilton are learning how they can help slow down climate change and contribute to their local ecosystem.

During the school year students will grow oak trees in their classrooms, learning first hand how plants grow from seed. They also learn how trees are an important part of climate control and why it’s important to keep healthy and diverse forests in Hamilton.

Some classes are also selecting a carbon reducing activity and competing with each other to see which class can make the smallest carbon footprint.

In April 2011, the students will plant their trees in conservation areas, parks, and schools yards across the city, increasing the health and biodiversity of their communities.

How it helps:

1. Students invest time and energy in tree seedlings, fostering a long term concern for natural resources

2. Students select a carbon saving activity and reduce their carbon emissions over the year

3. Trees absorb C02, the main greenhouse gas, as they grow.

4. Healthier and more diverse urban forests are better able to cope with climate change

5. Trees can shade buildings, reducing energy used for heating and cooling

Curriculum Connections: Grade 3 Growth and Changes in Plants.

Resources for Teachers or Parents;

Teacher Resources

A detailed guide to help you collect your own seeds and grow trees with your students. It also includes activities for teaching climate change and tree identification.

Student Workbook:

Outlines the Grow Green Project and allows students to track their tree’s growth over the school year. Download the student workbook.